Treat Your Knee Injury with Care

man having a knee injury
If your knees collide against the dashboard or any parts of your vehicle in a car accident, the impact of the crash can severely injure them, resulting in pain to your ligaments and kneecap.

Just like with other injuries, your body will respond to your wounded knee by trying to heal itself. However, keep in mind that the response usually will make the area feel warm. If you notice that it is giving you a cold feeling, it may mean that the car accident may have somehow impaired your blood circulation. You need to get a physiotherapist in California to examine your knee.

You may also notice some discoloration on your knee, revealing signs of injury. The color is usually red or blue. However, if you see shades of yellow or green, then it means that the area may have an infection as per our auto accident chiropractic specialist in San Diego, California. It is essential that you see a doctor right away.

If your injured knee hurts, you can place an ice pack to numb the pain. You can also take pain relievers or ask your doctor to prescribe you with something stronger if necessary.

When you have an injured knee, you have limited range of motion and reduced strength. It can be frustrating when you cannot even get around your home for some time, but it is essential that you stay patient. With enough rest and regular therapies, you have better chances to recover.

Yes, we do have therapies for knee injuries. If you want to know more about our DTS decompression therapy, you can contact us for a private appointment.

For other injuries such as your spine, we can get you acquainted with our chiropractic specialist in San Diego, California.

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