DTS Decompression Therapy: What is it?

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There are a lot of body conditions where it is appropriate to go to a chiropractor but some of the most common ones include neck pain, lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and other muscular discomforts. With continued research and development, chiropractic clinics now have proper equipment to administer DTS decompression therapy to relieve most common body discomforts.

DTS decompression therapy is a three-pronged, non-invasive solution for disc related irregularities of the spine. It consists of gently stretching the spine which gives muscular and joint relief as well as lesser pressure on the discs. Then, rehabilitative exercises are administered to further improve the discs’ health. Finally, your chiropractor will give you suggestions on in-office and home-based exercises to completely improve your spine health outside the clinic. The first part of the therapy usually doesn’t last for more than half an hour whilst the overall therapy runs for about 4 weeks depending on the condition.

What sets DTS decompression therapy apart from other alternatives for alleviating muscle discomfort is that is it non-invasive making it more safe and effective than others. Although the therapy varies per patient. It’s been known to relieve muscle tensions around 75% of the time.

Muscle tensions and unhealthy discs can mean a literal pain in the neck but it doesn’t have to be. If you are looking for a chiropractic specialist in San Diego, California, visit our website at mbspinecenter.com and find out how we can help with your body ails.

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